Econ Day Camp

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Cindy, c/o COB Office of Marketing & Communications 540-568-5169


Director William Wood and associate director John Kruggel of the Center for Economic Education (CEE) recently held their first Econ Day Camp for middle and high school teachers across the commonwealth.

The camp was designed to provide hands-on and engaging methods and activities to bring economic content to life in the classrooms and featured guest speakers and topics such as the economics of natural disasters, renewable energy and natural gas vs. petroleum.

The day camp is just one of several new formats being tried out by the center to reach more teachers. The center has also introduced “Econ After Hours,” a 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. event in Harrisonburg to combine teacher training with networking opportunities.


Involves Faculty, Involves Staff, Involves Participants External to JMU


summer 2019


One Time Only

Benefits for Faculty, Students, Community, and Institution

middle and high school teachers across the commonwealth tried hands-on and engaging methods of delivering content, as well as listened to guest speakers in economics of natural disasters

Areas of Engagement

Community Engagement, Engaged Learning



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