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DDAS, 2002, Afghanistan, missed mine, TM57, AT


have affected this area to a large scale, as it was frontline between Taliban and Northern Alliance during the past few years. The survey operation is also in progress in the neighbouring remaining areas to be technically marked and mapped for clearance teams. On 1st September 2002 an accident occurred in the survey team that involved a surveyor. The operations of team No.3 was stopped, all deminers were ordered to get to the rest area and be prepared to assist [NGO-1] in their rescue operation.

The dead body of the surveyor was thrown into the minefield so two deminers cleared the area up to the dead body and pulled it out from the unclear area. The body was transported from the minefield to the ambulance that was parked in parking area of [NGO-1] team. The dead body was put in the back of the ambulance together with three persons of [NGO-1]. In the front of the ambulance was one [NGO-2] Paramedic Supervisor and ambulance driver as well as one [NGO-1] Section Leader.

When the ambulance started moving, 10 meters from the parking area to the main road, the rear left wheel of the ambulance hit an AT mine and as result three more [NGO-1] employees were killed (those in the back of vehicle). 12 persons around the ambulance were wounded including 4 from [NGO-2], 3 from [NGO-1], 1 from [NGO-3] and 5 civilians. The 3 persons in the front of the vehicle were also wounded.

The accident had 10 Mine Action staff as victims, and 5 civilians. Details of the civilian victim injuries have not been made formally available. The cause of some injuries is reported to have been burning fuel when the long-range (double) tanks in the ambulance were burst and burning fuel spread around.



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