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Fall 9-2003


Handicap International, Europe, victim assistance, South East Europe, centers and organizations, landmine survivors


In December 2002, Handicap International Belgium, in co-operation with the International Campaign to Ban Landmines' (ICBL) Landmine Monitor research network, began a research project on behalf of the Reay Group, which was funded through the ITF by Canada and the US State Department. The study should provide the ITF, donors, and service providers, with a clearer picture of the state of victim assistance in South East Europe. It is a starting point that should encourage relevant actors, including government authorities, donors, and local and international program implementers, to share information, to make informed decisions on where to direct resources, or to develop new initiatives, that will promote the complete care, rehabilitation and reintegration of landmine survivors.

The study objectives are to present a clearer picture of the number of landmine survivors in the region; identify services/facilities for landmine survivors in the region; determine the capacity of existing services/facilities to address the needs of landmine survivors; identify challenges/gaps in providing landmine victime assistance; identify opportunities for regional cooperation in victim assistance; provide an analysis and data for States, donors, and victim assistance practitioners to improve the effectiveness and reach of victim assistance prgramming responses.



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