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Spring 3-2005


Advocacy and International Law, Anti-Personnel, Landmine, Regulation, Funding, Mine Action, Budget, Russel Gasser, Policy, EC, European Commission, Robert Keeley


The Anti-Personnel Landmine Regulation mandates an overall assessment of all EC mine action every three years. This report contains the first such assessment for the period 2002-2004. The total funding by all EC budget lines for 2002-2004 for mine action was about 116M, of which the horizontal mine action budget line was nearly 40% at 45M. The total for the same period for all EU mine action, including contributions by Member States, was about 410M, of which the dedicated budget line is just 11%. The overall assessment reviewed four areas: 1) how the APL Regulation was used to generate mine action strategy, 2) how the strategy was used to implement the multi-annual programme, 3) how projects were selected and contracted in order to achieve the programme objectives and 4) the evaluation and assessment processes used. It then provides a summary of the key findings and puts forward a series of recommendations. Data was collected from documents, databases and internet searches, interviews with staff in Brussels, telephone interviews with key organisation staff, questionnaires to delegations and project implementers, and three field missions (Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Somalia).



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