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DDAS, 2018, Lebanon, Handling, No. 4, AP


On the 6th of February 2018 at [International demining organization] task MF-1115, an uncontrolled detonation of 2 No 4A AP mines occurred while [International demining organization] MAT 2 Site Supervisor [the Victim] was preparing for demolitions.

The injuries sustained by [the Victim] resulted in: Amputation for both hands at forearm level, loss of left eye and some damage to the right eye without knowing if can see with it or not, fractures in the jaw, swelling and small bleeding in the brain, severe wounds and fractures in the face, and partial lung rupture caused by blast-wave but no fragmentations, shrapnel or even wounds in the chest that was protected by the vest.

Based on all available evidences, the BOI team concludes that the accident occurred with the site supervisor while he was laying out his demolition charges to destroy the first set of 7 x No 4A AP mines out of 5 serials (total of 29 No 4A AP mine).



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