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ERW Clearance, MDD, Mine Detection Dog, MDD, GICHD


The use of dogs for mine detection has expanded dramatically in the last ten years. However, research designed to explore and understand the issues underlying mine dog detection has not kept pace with that expansion. A poor knowledge base was recognised as a key limitation on further development and exploitation of this fascinating detection technology. The GICHD therefore accepted the challenge of initiating a programme of research on mine detection dogs, with the specific objectives of (1) improving understanding of the skills and limitations of dogs, (2) optimising their deployment and performance, and (3) raising confidence in their work.

This book is the first extensive overview of that programme of research, which has produced considerable success but also encountered some difficulties. Several projects are still underway and are not reported on in detail here. Some areas of research are still raising more questions than providing answers, and there is much more to be done. The book is therefore as much a report on work in progress as on completed projects. It provides valuable reviews of current knowledge in key areas, an up-to-date summary of topical issues, some historical perspectives and some empirical results. I invite you to explore the book with an eye on what remains to be achieved, as well as on the details within the chapters.



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