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Advocacy and International Law, Centers and Organizations, GICHD, GMAP, Gender, Diversity


This guide has been developed to assist mine action stakeholders to mainstream gender and diversity in quality management, documentation and practices. This guide is designed for use by a broad range of actors, including:

  • National Mine Action Authorities
  • National Mine Action Centres
  • UN agencies
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Commercial contractors

This guide includes a checklist to help ensure that gender and diversity considerations are mainstreamed into the core documentation in quality management, such as: national mine action standards (NMAS), national technical standards and guides, standard operating procedures (SOP), and quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control forms. It also provides mine action stakeholders with the tools to formally integrate a commitment to gender and diversity principles and practices as part of their quality policy and practice.

The guide contains recommendations on how gender and diversity considerations should be mainstreamed into accreditation processes and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to ensure that continual improvement is implemented throughout the duration of the mine action project cycle.



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