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Advocacy and International Law, APMBC, 2020, Intercessional, Mine Ban Treaty

programme-2020-reunions-intersessions-fr-23Jun2020.pdf (116 kB)
Meeting Program French Translation

2020-intersessional-meetings-programme-ar-23Jun2020.pdf (182 kB)
Meeting Program Arabic Translation

2020-intersessional-meetings-programme-ru-23Jun2020.pdf (117 kB)
Meeting Program Russian Translation

2020-intersessional-meetings-programme-sp-23Jun2020.pdf (140 kB)
Meeting Program Spanish Translation

Committee_on_Article_5_Implementation-1Jul2020.pdf (118 kB)
Addressing Anti-Personnel mines of an Improvised Nature under the Convention’s Framework

Committee_on_Cooperative_Compliance-Final-2Jul2020.pdf (135 kB)
Cooperative Compliance and the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention

Committee-Enhancement-Cooperation-Assistance-Final-25Jun2020.pdf (163 kB)
Aligning Donor Coordination to Support Implementation of the Oslo Action Plan

Committee-on-Victim-Assistance-Final-1Jul2020.pdf (141 kB)
Victim Assistance, Safety and Protection in Situations of Risk and Humanitarian Emergencies

Gender_Panel-Final-30Jun2020.pdf (116 kB)
Effective Implementation for All: Gender and Diverse Needs in Practice



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