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Centers and Organizations, NPA, Norwegian, People's, Aid, Annual Report 2014


Our vision

Solidarity in action is the vision of Norwegian People’s Aid. Our efforts are based on cooperation

between equal partners – not charity.

Our foundation

Norwegian People’s Aid is the labour movement’s humanitarian organisation for solidarity.

Our mission

We work both nationally and internationally to improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups and to contributeto a just society. We support people so that they may protect and promote their own interests.

Our reach

Norwegian People’s Aid is active in 40 countries. We work with development cooperation through partner organisations. In Norway, we work with refugee and integration issues, and our health and rescue teams make an important contribution to voluntary national preparedness.

  • Foreword by the Secretary General
  • Good supporters
  • Political influence
  • Norwegian People’s Aid around the world
  • Anniversary year 2014
  • Refugee and integration work
  • Democracy and the right to organise
  • Crisis in 2014
  • Humanitarian emergency relief
  • Rescue service and first aid
  • Humanitarian disarmament
  • Democracy and campaigns
  • Open and active against corruption
  • Income and expenses
  • Financial statements



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