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Beginning in 1992, Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) has implemented mine action programmes in more than 40 states and territories. The strategy presented here builds on our experience, accomplishments, and lessons learned. It identifies new directions and priorities, and expands our work from mine action to broader areas of humanitarian disarmament. By ‘humanitarian disarmament’ we mean all operations and advocacy which aim to reduce and prevent harm to civilians from the impacts of weapons and ammunition. It is disarmament motivated and guided by humanitarian and development imperatives, rather than strategic national interests and international stability, and where civil society plays a critical role. The Mine Ban Treaty (MBT) and the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) are thus far the most significant products of humanitarian disarmament initiatives.

Alongside our Mine Action Pillar, we are therefore establishing two new pillars of work: Arms Management and Destruction and Humanitarian Disarmament Initiatives. Through these three pillars, NPA will to a greater degree cover the full life-cycle of weapons and ammunition - with interventions before, during, and after their use. All activities in NPA’s humanitarian disarmament programmes will be monitored and evaluated in light of their relevance and contribution toward this strategy.



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