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Advocacy and International Law, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, Kenya, Michelle Engels, Handicap International, Armed Violence Reduction


The current report will discuss an impact assessment of the AVR project. The impact assessment was made possible via the administration of the Pre & Post-Impact Assessments (PIA) survey. The PIA survey was designed for two purposes. Firstly, it was designed to establish a baseline on; i) the levels of community knowledge regarding small arms and SGBV, ii) the perceived prevalence of armed violence in the targeted regions, iii) the safety perceptions within the targeted communities, and iv) the knowledge within the targeted communities of appropriate reporting and security structures. The second function of the PIA was to act as an impact assessment tool of the five-month AVR project. The first publication produced from the results of the PIA, titled ‘Armed Violence Reduction in North Western Kenya: Results of the Pre Impact Assessment’ focused predominantly on acquiring operational knowledge regarding the prevalence, use and misuse of small arms, as well as the level of community knowledge of security agents, and SGBV. The current publication will focus entirely on the impact assessment of the AVR project and the development of recommendations for future implementation phases.



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