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HD R&D Field Evaluation: Mini Minewolf

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ERW Clearance, Mini Minewolf, research, development, MMW, armored, mine, clearing, MAG


The Mini MineWolf (MMW) is an armored, remote controlled mine clearing system using tiller and flail attachments. The tiller`s teeth engage the ground to a depth of 25 centimeters, physically destroying anti-personnel (AP) and anti-tank (AT) landmines, and mulching vegetation up to 15 centimeters in diameter. With either attachment, the MMW can survive both AT and AP mine blasts. Clearance rates of 5,000 - 12,000 square meters per day can be expected depending on soil and vegetation type. Operation is by remote control with video monitoring. Distribution Statement A: Approved for public release.

MineWolf_FS-10Apr2020.pdf (1267 kB)
Mini Minewolf Factsheet

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