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ERW Clearance, Rhino, Earth, Tiller, AP Mine, Mechanical, Demining, Research, Christopher Wanner, HD R&D


The Rhino is a tracked tilling vehicle custom designed and built from the ground up. The working tiller consists of two horizontal drums, stacked one overtop of the other. The drums are studded with commercially available, asphalt shredding chisels. The lower drum counter rotates against the direction of vehicle travel, excavating soil and objects from burial depths of 25 – 35 centimeters. The excavated soil and constituent objects are carried up the face of the lower, digging drum and into the 1 to 5 centimeter gap between the lower and upper drums. The chisels on the two drums mesh with each other as the drums rotate counter to one another. The powerful shredding action this produces will crush objects larger than 5 centimeters in diameter. Testing has shown that the Rhino will detonate between 25% and 50% of the mines it encounters as it crushes them. The undetonated mines are supposed to be shredded into pieces too small to be a threat to personnel and equipment.



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