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ERW Clearance, AP Mine, Neutralization, APMINUD, Mechanical, Demining, Christopher Wanner, HD R&D


The Antipersonnel Mine Neutralization Device (APMINUD) is a mechanical system for safely detonating Antipersonnel mines as part of a peace time mine clearance operation. It is intended to be used in conjunction with a shielded, all terrain vehicle with hydraulic crane. The system would be used to neutralize previously marked AP mines by detonating them one at a time.

The plunger inside the APMINUD is designed to strike the ground when released by the operator. An expendable foot on the plunger applies approximately two tons of impact force over a 10" diameter area when released. The impact force pushes the pressure plate on any mine that is under the foot causing detonation. The blast and fragments created are contained within, or redirected out the top of the cylindrical containment shell and away from surrounding personnel and structures.

The operational clearance concept envisioned for the system assumes the mine locations are known. The clearance vehicle follows a detection and marking team. Whether by detection or probing, the mine locations must be found and marked. The APMINUD vehicle then moves into location and the operator manipulates the APMINUD over the mine marker. The vehicle operator will be in close proximity to the mine, but behind additional protective shielding. The APMINUD shell is not dropped, but slowly lowered around the mine so the operator is able to continually readjust the positioning as it is lowered. After the shell is resting on the ground, the operator releases the plunger inside the shell causing detonation. The shell is then raised and the vehicle moved to the next marked location or backed out for replacement of the expendable foot, depending on the size of the mine. Should the mine fail to detonate the operator can re-strike the location several times or reposition the APMINUD slightly without having to leave the protected vehicle.



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