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ERW Clearance, Research, Aardvark, Flail, HD R&D


The Aardvark Clear Mine, Limited (a private British company) of Scotland has been designing and producing a variety of mechanical minefield clearance machines for seventeen (17) years. The Mark IV Joint Services Flail Unit (MKIV, see picture 1 on the next page) has been in production since 1999, and it is the product of years of improvement to the Aardvark Flail System basic design. Improvements affect engine performance, flail depth, flail control, steering control, operator safety, operator comfort, navigation and maintenance. The steering control (dual steering) can be switched from the operator (in the left seat) to the operator (in the right seat) and vice versa. Because the MKIV creates dust and works in many hostile environments, Mark IV Joint Services Flail Unit Page 2 Capabilities Demonstration Report dual steering is fitted as an aid the operators. The dual steering limits wind direction problems and downtime. During mine clearing operations, the MKIV can clear heavy brush and trees with a diameter of up to 15cm. The MKIV has been purchased by the countries of Canada, Jordan and South Korea.

The information in this report is strictly based on the capabilities demonstration and not on a technical evaluation of this technology.



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