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Centers and Organizations, USAID, Leahy, Victim Assistance, Sri Lanka, Jaipur, Prosthetic, Friends in Need Society, FINS


In 1985, the Friend-in-Need Society (FINS) pioneered its Jaipur Foot Program to fill a need scarcely affected by government hospitals. Since 1991, USAID, through the Global Bureau’s Leahy War Victims Fund (LWVF), has partnered with FINS to extend services to more than 6,000 amputees. Several small private organizations address the physical mobility needs of civilian amputees and other persons with physical disabilities, but the number of prosthetic devices they contribute is quite small compared to the number contributed by FINS, and the cost of their services is beyond the means of the average Sri Lankan. FINS, Sri Lanka’s oldest social service organization, remains the single largest provider of prosthetic and orthotic services in Sri Lanka. In 1999, FINS fit 1,402 artificial limbs to beneficiaries. Furthermore, new Jaipur Foot workshops in Batticaloa and unauthorized Jaipur Foot workshops in Mannar are springing up.



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