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Centers and Organizations, 2011, Annual Report, APOPO, rat, pouched rat MDR, mine action, mine clearance, tuberculosis


A landmine survivor recently said of APOPO’s work in Mozambique: “There is happiness our land has been returned to us, freedom of grazing for livestock, no restrictions on where we walk. The mines have been a serious problem but we have already seen a reduction in people losing their lives. We are very happy.”

This, in a nutshell, is why we do the work we do. Hearing the feedback of villagers in affected regions – whose lives have changed for the better as a result of our humanitarian actions – verifies how immensely important our mission is.

The success of our programs is a shared success – not only for APOPO’s team but also for our partners, funders and supporters across the globe: thank you for playing such an important role in helping us to realize these accomplishments.

We have worked hard to expand the reach of our humanitarian actions and while we have made good progress in 2011, there is always more to do. The added value of our programs is a strong belief in social transformation, one of our core values. APOPO aims to empower vulnerable communities to solve the problems they face more independently. We do this by developing skills, building local capacities, creating jobs, and improving socio-economic and environmental conditions – through releasing safe land for development, and combating public health issues.

You can help to ensure more rats are trained to sniff out these global problems. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our work, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter, bring up our work in conversations, or adopt a HeroRAT and support its training journey. Together, we can save more lives and limbs.



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