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Advocacy and International Law, Centers and Organizations, ICBL, CMC, Cluster Munitions


The Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) was established to put an end for all time to the suffering and casualties caused by cluster munitions. It is the most significant humanitarian disarmament treaty of the past decade, with far-reaching obligations. It is adhered to by more than half the world. Its entry into force was triggered by 30 ratifications, which were achieved in a very short period of time – just 14 months. So far the Convention has made great progress, with 97% of States Parties’ stockpiles destroyed, and a notable increase in the clearance of cluster munition-affected land and assistance provided to cluster munition victims. The Convention’s ultimate success will depend, however, on states’ wide acceptance of it as a legal standard and global norm.

The CMC believes that every country in the world can and should join the CCM. It is a question of political will and placing a priority on the protection of civilians over outdated and indiscriminate weapons. This paper describes why it is urgent for all countries to join the Convention, beginning with those that have used, produced, or stockpiled the weapon and those affected by cluster munitions, and then looking at those states that do not fall into these categories. It also presents the steps states need to take to ratify or accede.



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