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Advocacy and International Law, Gender, Diversity, GICHD, 2019, GMAP


The Gender & Diversity Annual Report highlights the efforts made towards more gender and diversity inclusive practices at the GICHD. In 2018, the GICHD took the decision to elevate the topics of gender and diversity at the highest level of its new 2019-2022 Strategy. This included a strategic objective to promote gender equality and inclusion and the empowerment of women and girls. In March 2019, the Gender and Mine Action Programme (GMAP) and the GICHD entered in a new agreement which saw the integration of GMAP as a division of the GICHD. This decision not only reaffirmed the GICHD’s commitment to support inclusive and effective mine action activities, but also highlighted the Centre’s position that mine action has potential to influence gender equality and inclusion in affected countries. These changes are the culmination of years of work toward the promotion of equality and inclusion.



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