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Mine action programmes often are not linked early and strongly enough with key development actors. Despite the availability of extensive research documenting the need for greater coordination between mine action and development organisations, concrete guidance for practitioners and policy-makers on how to link mine action with development has been lacking. In response, the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Development has published guidelines on how to ensure mine action promotes development in mine-affected countries. More specifically, the guidelines seek to:

  • Increase awareness that landmines and other remnants of conflict block development in many affected countries
  • Strengthen coordination between mine action and development organisations
  • Ensure mine action planning and implementation, including priority-setting, promotes development and poverty reduction efforts
  • Ensure mine action is aligned with development plans, programmes and budgets
  • Encourage development actors to assist mine-affected communities and integrate mine action in their development programming
  • Assist bilateral and multilateral donors to integrate mine action in their development programming
  • Promote inclusive, gender-sensitive mine action and development programmes



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