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Risk Education, Centres and Organisations, Victim Assistance, Safety, Livelihood, Socio-economic development, Conflict Management, Community Safety Plan, GICHD, Uganda


Development survey in collaboration with DRC/DDG in the Karamoja region of north-eastern Uganda in December 2014.

This survey:

  • identifies which activities appear to have the most positive impact on safety, livelihoods and socio-economic well-being, and why
  • identifies any negative impacts on any intended beneficiaries and the reasons for them
  • provides recommendations to help DDG improve their activities and impact.

The survey was an excellent opportunity to explore how the GICHD’s landmines and livelihoods surveys can be used for the broader human security sector. The findings and recommendations provide DDG with a better understanding of how linkages between security and livelihoods can be reinforced, thereby contributing to strengthened socio-economic development.

By recognising the gender and diversity aspects of security and livelihoods issues, the GICHD ensured these considerations were mainstreamed throughout the survey’s planning, design, implementation phases.



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