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ERW Clearance, Risk Education, Mines, UXO, Tajikistan, Contamination, Survey, Robert Keeley, Socio-economic


During a country wide survey undertaken by Swiss Foundation for Mine-action (FSD) between 2003-05 it was determined that approximately km2 of land was contaminated with mines and Un-exploded Ordnance (UXO). However, during the past 5 years, various activities such as Land Release (LR), Technical Survey (TS) and Clearance, has reduced the SHAs level to approximately 15-17 km2. UNDP hired Dr. Robert Keeley of RK Consulting Ltd (the 'Consultant') to undertake an Outcome Evaluation of the Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) 2005-2009, Outcome #6 to "Create a sustainable national institution to plan, coordinate and implement comprehensive mine action." The Consultant identified four key issues recurring in the literature an in initial discussions with key informants. These were:

-Institutional Framework issues

-The need to scope the problem and develop an exit A review of technical survey and land release techniques that will be critical in meeting clearance targets in the context of Ottawa Convention commitments

-The potential for a shift of focus and scope for Mine Risk Education (MRE)



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