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Victim Assistance, Slovenia, Southeast Europe, Hugh Mortimer, Mine Action, CISR, Center for International Stabilization and Recovery, Mine Action Information Center, MAIC, International Trust Fund, ITF, James Madison University, JMU


The “Workshop on Assistance to Landmine Survivors and Victims in South-Eastern Europe: Defining Strategies for Success” held in Ig, Slovenia July 1-2, 2002 was a unique forum to address the existing gaps in services and possible solutions for filling these gaps for mine victims assistance (MVA) in the region. This workshop was initiated by the International Trust Fund (ITF) Board of Advisors, who determined there was a need to bring donors together with those working for MVA.

The goal of the workshop was “to identify possible strategies and venues for regional resourcing, cooperation and coordination in the field of landmine survivor and victim assistance.” The goal of the workshop was achieved by presentations that included country status reports, perspectives on gaps in services and regional approaches, and NGO and donor perspectives on MVA. The workshop included extensive discussion among the participants on how to meet MVA needs and coordinate efforts more effectively.



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