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DDAS, 2001, Kosovo, missed mine, PMA-3, AP


[The Albanian adolescent] was sitting at the track intersection when [Demining group Ops manager] met up with him. [The Albanian adolescent] offered to take [Demining group Ops manager] and show him the location of a mined area that he knew of. Whilst following the lad, [Demining group Ops manager] has stated that he had doubts of the area they were walking through. He told [the Albanian adolescent] was searching the ground, and it was then that [Demining group Ops manager] realised they were in a minefield. He told [the Albanian adolescent] to stop and that they would go back. Almost immediately after this [the Albanian adolescent] stood on a mine. [Demining group Ops manager] took a step forward to assist him, and it was then that he also stood on a mine. It was only a matter of seconds between each explosion. [The Albanian adolescent] got up and was hopping around on one leg. They had both received injuries to their left feet. [Demining group Ops manager] told [the Albanian adolescent] to not move about, as there was the obvious possibility that he may set off another mine. adolescent] to stop, however [the Albanian adolescent] was so confident with where he was going that [Demining group Ops manager] relented and they continued. They came to a point where [the Albanian



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