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DDAS, 2001, Bosnia Herzegovina, missed mine, PROM-1, AP


Deminer had searched the working lane with his metal detector, having clearly marked the reached right border of his working lane. However it is obvious that he did not mark the left border of his working lane, i.e. he did not follow the metal detector search progress. He most probably had in mind to additionally mark the reached or ‘searched’ area. After searching the mentioned area with the metal detector without any signal that would indicate the presence of metal, he went back to the beginning of his lane, left the detector there, took two pickets, hammer and the base stick and went on marking the lane that was supposed to be ‘searched’ by the metal detector. The first picket marking the progress in the lane is 1.25m to the opposite one on the right side, which indicates that the base stick was not used, since the base stick is dimensioning the length of the working lane. He took with himself the second picket and the base stick. Prior to flushing the second stick into the ground he left his base stick in front of him. The area he was standing on was not searched. While flushing the second picket, the deminer stepped with his left foot on a PROM-1P mine. It is clear from the death records and the statements of the medic (they thoroughly examined the entire body), the deminer was in a position for flushing the 0.5m – 0.6m picket into the ground.



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