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DDAS, 2004, Bosnia Herzegovina, excavation, PMA-3, AP


[The Victim] started the work in lane 1. He worked near a metal barrel half buried in the ground, 1.6 metres from the fence. Before the accident he cleared 2 m2. He wore his PPE and had the necessary tools. He had been removing the undergrowth and surface metal pieces ahead of the base stick. He had been searching with his metal detector and had used the prodder and a trowel. When he worked only with a prodder, he investigated the whole area ahead of the base stick where the vegetation had been removed. Just before the explosion he had not followed this procedure, as he said himself. He prodded ahead of the base stick when he activated a mine. He did not prod according to SOP: he penetrated the ground and pulled the prodder upwards (pushed the handle downwards) to excavate the soil.



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