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DDAS, C5222003, Iraq, missed mine, BLU-72, submunition


This incident is classed as a “Missed-mine accident” because it seems that the device that detonated was inside the area cleared. If it was not, then this would become yet another “Survey accident” (the demining group had several in Iraq at this time). The primary cause of this accident is listed as a “Field control inadequacy” because the victims went to place markers in an area that was believed to be safe but which was not. Those responsible for the work should have kept an accurate record of the safe area. It seems that the field controllers may also have allowed safety distances to be ignored. The secondary cause is listed as a “Management control inadequacy” because the management of the demining group declined to make the accident details available. Although this is sometimes done to protect the Victims, in this case the Victims’ names were among the limited detail made available. It is possible that the managers have chosen to avoid transparency because they are afraid that the circumstances of the accident would reflect badly on their organisation.



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