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Advocacy and International Law, Mine Ban Treaty, AP Mine Ban, APMBC, Ottawa Treaty, Landmine, 11MSP, States Parties, 2011, Mine Ban Convention


The 11MSP was a formal meeting of the 158 States which, as of 28 November 2011, had accepted the 1997 Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction. It was held in accordance with Article 11 of the Convention and pursuant to the decisions of the 2009 Second Review Conference and the 2010 Tenth Meeting of the States Parties (10MSP).

The 11MSP was particularly significant because the Convention returned to a place where it the anti-landmine movement started two decades ago. As such, the 11MSP was a chance for the international community to recall how far the world has come in pursuing a comprehensive end to the suffering and casualties caused by anti-personnel mines.

With the 11MSP having taken place in what remained one of the most mine affected countries in the world, the States Parties showed the world that this very much is an issue people still were living with in 2011. The11MSP was a springboard to further action and an opportunity for the international community to state that its commitment to this cause will not end until the task is complete.

11MSP-Draft-Programme-Nov2011.pdf (20 kB)
Provisional programme of work

11MSP-PhnomPenh-ProgressReport-8Dec2011.pdf (438 kB)
Achieving the aims of the Cartagena Action Plan: The Phnom Penh Progress Report 2010-2011

11MSP-Report-Ext-Process-Nov2011.pdf (76 kB)
Report Consideration of requests for extensions to Article 5 deadlines 2010-2011

Agreement-StatesPartiesAPMBC-GICHD-on-ISU-6Sep2011-en.pdf (1219 kB)
Agreement between the States Parties and the GICHD

11MSP-Brochure-Nov2011.pdf (8115 kB)
11MSP Brochure



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