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DDAS, 2007, Sri Lanka, demolition, fuze


The accident demolition was the first that day in a row of six demolitions. The target was a 120mm artillery shell. Beforehand we had digged a 1.1 m deep pit away from the closest village and had sandbagged the side towards the village. The shell was moved from where it was found, by hand, into the pit just prior to setting up the demolition. The shell was by purpose put closer to the wall in the pit that faced the village. When every thing was set up and sentries were in place we carried out the demolition. The shell went high order. I could short after - few seconds hear a few falling fragmentations around the firing point. I went forward alone to inspect the demolition pit and gave all clear. On my way back to the firing point the QA officer approached me and said that one of the deminers was injured, we walked or to that position. The deminer was already taken care of by the medic. I was told that one FALLING fragmentation (NOT DIRECT) had hit him on his left shoulder, right on to the collar bone. There was three scratches or small cuts in the skin. The deminer was conscious the whole time and said he had pain.



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