San Diego-based Quantum Magnetics did not intend to develop the world’s best landmine detection technology, but it just might turn out that way. For the past five years, the company has been working to develop landmine detection technology that would be so specific and effective that it would minimize false alarms, thus saving lives and limbs of U.S. soldiers, citizens and landmine sweepers alike. Although Quantum Magnetics is also developing other security-related technologies for applications such as bomb, drug and concealed-weapon detection, it has continued to keep its core objective on course, and its scientists continue to concentrate on solving the most important ingredient of landmine detection—identifying buried landmine explosives used in mines quickly and with few false alarms. By targeting the specific molecules of explosives (such as RDX, tetryl, PETN, and the hardest to detect, TNT), Quantum Magnetics believes its sensors alone, or in combination with other detection devices, will be instrumental in removing the estimated 60 million to 110 million landmines abandoned throughout the world.



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