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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


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Andrew Lankford

Kevin Stees

Lisa M. Maynard


The purpose of this project was to highlight some of the lesser-known trombone solos within the oeuvre of the Paris Conservatory Solo de Concours (Solo Contest). While the output of solo works through the Paris Conservatory has been well documented for over a century-and-a-half, there are numerous compositions that have not reached the canonical status of the works of Tomasi, Guilmant, Castérède, and others. Several Prix de Rome winners composed for the trombone as a solo instrument; among them are Alfred Bachelet, Henri Büsser, Jules Mazellier, Raymond Loucheur, Yvonne Desportes and Claude Pascal. Regrettably, no reference recordings exist for many of the trombone solos written as contest pieces for the Paris Conservatory, including those composed by winners of the Prix de Rome. This project maintains a two-fold goal of recording an album of previously unrecorded trombone works from twentieth-century France, and providing a written document to include composer biographies and relevant information about the works performed.

1. Bachelet - Morceau De Concours - EDITS.V3.wav (125311 kB)
First Track on the Album

2. Büsser - Pièce en mi Bemol - EDITS.V2.wav (71218 kB)
Second Track on the Album

3. Barat - Piece in Eb Minor - EDITS.V2.wav (117263 kB)
Third Track on the Album

4. Büsser - Etude De Concert - EDITS.V2.wav (82615 kB)
Fourth Track on the Album

5. Desportes_ Fantaisie.EDITS.V2.wav (93439 kB)
Fifth Track on the Album

6. Mazellier - Solo De Concours - EDITS.V2.wav (143370 kB)
Sixth Track on the Album

7. Loucheur - Hialmar.EDITS.V2.wav (97691 kB)
Seventh Track on the Album

8. Bigot - Variations.EDITS.V2.wav (107668 kB)
Eighth Track on the Album

9. Pascal_ Pastorale Héroïque.EDITS.V2.wav (111622 kB)
Ninth Track on the Album

Signed Remnant - DMA Document Defense Rubric.pdf (103 kB)
Signed Document Defense

Remnant DMA Final Document.pdf (1380 kB)
PDF Version of Document

Remnant DMA Final Document - Revised.docx (1085 kB)
Revised Version of Document



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