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Erica Lewis

Erika Sawin

Jeanel Little


Racial health disparities, inequities, and healthcare bias are long considered concerns for the healthcare community.Cultural competency training (CCT) is one solution that is gaining recognition as an effective intervention to address bias among healthcare providers, resulting in improved patient outcomes and assisting with reducing health disparities among minority populations. This quality improvement project was implemented at an academic medical center and designed for Advanced Practice Providers who completed the training to demonstrate an increase in their cultural competency post-test compared to the pre-test. The increase in CCT will hopefully impact the delivery of culturally conscious/competent healthcare and positive experiences to the community. The CCT training was developed based on the framework from ‘The Process of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Healthcare Services’ model and a curriculum from the National Center of Cultural Competence. The model defines and guides CCT training based on five constructs that are outlined in this framework. The pre/post training entitled Inventory For Assessing The Process Of Cultural Competence Among Healthcare Professionals Revised (IAPCC-R) test was the measurement tool used to quantify the scores of the participants. There were statistically significant score increases noted in overall cultural competency scores by 6.22 points, cultural awareness by 0.94, knowledge by 1.73 points, and skill by 1.62 points. Future CCTs should be evaluated in further detail to create healthcare provider-specific trainings, with the goal of increasing scores for individual constructs.

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