Dilemmas in Education: A Casebook for Ethical Reasoning

Case Level

Higher Education

Applicable Topics

Diversity, Human Resources Development, Special Education


The case study investigates the conflict that arises when a student who has received extensive assistance and accommodation for an invisible disability throughout her education (PK-12 through graduate school) transitions to her first job. The case explores the tension between the employee and her employer.

Case Keywords

Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Hidden Disabilities, Nonapparent/Invisible Disabilities, Job Entry and Employment Outcomes for Adults with Learning Disabilities, Reasonable Accommodation, ADA, Special Education, and Exceptionalities, Cultural Competence, Global Competence, Culture and Disabilities, International Workforce

Applicable areas of the Eight Key Questions

Fairness - How can Stephanie and her employer act equitably and balance legitimate interests?

Outcomes - What achieves the best short- and long-term outcomes for Stephanie, her coworkers and her employer?

Responsibilities - What duties and/or obligations apply?

Character - What action best reflects who Stephanie is and the person she wants to become? What action best reflects Stephanie’s company’s reputation?

Liberty - How does respect for freedom, personal autonomy, or consent apply?

Empathy - What would I do if I cared deeply about those involved?

Authority - What do legitimate authorities (e.g. experts, law, religion/god) expect of Stephanie and her employer?

Rights - What rights (e.g. innate, legal, social) apply?



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