Vignettes: Diverse Library Staff Offering Diverse Bioinformatics Services

David L. Osterbur
Kristine Alpi
Catherine Canevari
Pamela M. Corley
Medha Devare
Nicola Gaedeke
Donna K. Jacobs
Peter Kirlew
Janet A. Ohles
K.T. L. Vaughan, James Madison University
Lili Wang
Yongchun Wu
Renata C. Geer


Objectives: The paper gives examples of the bioinformatics services provided in a variety of different libraries by librarians with a broad range of educational background and training. Methods: Two investigators sent an email inquiry to attendees of the “National Center for Biotechnology Information's (NCBI) Introduction to Molecular Biology Information Resources” or “NCBI Advanced Workshop for Bioinformatics Information Specialists (NAWBIS)” courses. The thirty-five-item questionnaire addressed areas such as ...