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Master of Arts (MA)


School of Communication Studies


Iccha Basnyat

Melissa W. Alemán

David Owusu-Ansah


Ghana has been implementing the Community-based Health Planning and Service (CHPS) initiative as a national health policy for over twenty years. The CHPS program is designed for delivering Primary Health Care services to under-served population who mostly reside in economically poor and hard to reach locations. Over the years studies looking at various aspects of the operation of the policy have found that community members and other stakeholders lack proper understanding of the program. This study analyzed qualitative data collected in two districts in Northern and Volta Regions of Ghana to assess health workers and community members’ perspectives on the role of communication in the implementation of the CHPS policy. The study utilized Airhihenbuwa (1989) PEN-3 cultural model as the framework to evaluate the cultural relevancy of communicating and delivering the program. The study found that CHPS is framed around the relationship and expectations domain of the PEN-3 model and that communication plays a significant role in CHPS implementation as core activities for initiating decisions, planning and delivery of health services involve communication processes including community engagement and participation and dissemination of best practices. The study makes key contribution to the PEN-3 cultural model for evaluating community based health interventions. For advancing policy and program development it recommends the strengthening of communication processes in CHPS scale up for sustainability and effective implementation of the policy.



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