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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Jessica G. Irons

Kethera Fogler

Monica Reis-Bergan


The current study aimed to examine the potential effects of CBD isolate for alleviating menstrual-related symptoms (MRS). Participants (N = 33, MAGE = 20.50, MBMI = 23.02)were assigned randomly to two open-label dosing groups (160mg, n = 17; 320mg, n = 16) and completed monthly surveys for four months that included MRS-related measures. We examined differences in MRS and related outcomes between baseline and three months of CBD administration. Results revealed reductions in MRS, irritability, anxiety, global impression, stress, and subjective severity scores with a small effect when comparing baseline to all three months of CBD administration. Findings suggest that CBD may have potential for treating MRS. Further research is warranted examining the potential to optimize CBD administration for reducing MRS (i.e., terpenes, routes of administration, time of administration).



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