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Sarah J Moyer

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W. Bryce Hayes

Jesse Rathgeber

David Stringham


The purpose of this action research study is to explore the impact vocal activities have on fourth and fifth grade beginning band students and how their perspective might change throughout instruction. The participants' experience with vocal activities in the beginning instrumental classroom will shape their perspective. The following research questions guide this study:

  1. In what ways do vocal activities in the beginning instrumental classroom influence student knowledge of repertoire?
  2. In what way do vocal activities boost student confidence in the beginning instrumental classroom?
  3. What aspects of vocal activities encourage or discourage students from participating in the beginning instrumental classroom?

Data was collected through participant responses on pre- and post-surveys. Observational data was also taken from the perspective of the teacher to gather information on rehearsal activities, participant reactions, and comments from participants throughout the study. Findings presented here provide insight into student perspective on singing in the band classroom and singing activities that can be implemented into the instrumental classroom. Findings indicate that the participants enjoyed most singing activities used in the band classroom and found them useful in their musical growth. Students desire an atmosphere of support in order for them to develop self-confidence and musicianship skills. Research into this topic is significant as we push to break the narrative of the band classroom and help more band directors become comfortable with vocal activities and using singing to benefit students’ musical abilities.



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