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Master of Music (MM)


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Alice Hammel

Amy Birdsong

Stephen P. Bolstad

Jon Wilson


Selecting repertoire is one of the most dynamic responsibilities music educators face, as it often serves as the music curriculum for band directors. Selecting high quality repertoire for students that achieves musical, educational, and culturally responsive goals is vital as part of their ensemble experience. When selecting repertoire for assessment, band directors must determine what repertoire their ensemble can perform well according to the Virginia and Band and Orchestra Directors Association performance rubric, while demonstrating musical and educational growth. The purpose of this study is to examine elements used by high school band directors when choosing repertoire for assessment. Research questions are: 1) What factors do band directors use in selecting repertoire for assessment?, 2) How much research do band directors conduct when choosing this repertoire?, 3) What are the main goals band directors hope their students achieve in repertoire selection?, 4) Do band directors consider their musical preferences in repertoire choice?, and 5) Does the process change as assessment approaches? Acknowledging the responses of high school band directors in a district of Virginia can enlighten the process behind repertoire selection, and to help improve repertoire selections for the music curriculum.



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