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Creative Commons License
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Master of Arts (MA)


School of Communication Studies


Melissa Alemán

Michael Broderick

Carlos Alemán


This thesis is a Black Feminist Critical Autoethnography that talks back (hooks, 1989). I use autoethnographic methods to unpack memories and trauma of my experience of being a part of a predominantly white institution (PWI) and a resident of a community in which the institution resides, and whiteness transcends. I incorporate Black Feminist Thought (BFT) and Critical Race Theory (CRT) as theoretical frameworks to enable counter storytelling to disrupt white, hegemonic ways of being. My evocative narratives, poems, and short vignettes provide a lens in which it means for me to be a Black woman in a community that has done everything to push against my existence.

Available for download on Friday, December 05, 2025