About this Journal


The Madison Historical Review is designed to provide a unique outlet for Master's level students to submit their historical scholarship. As such, we aim to help budding historians refine their research, polish their analytical and writing skills, and boost their professional development.


Over the next few years the editorial board has taken it upon themselves to improve the journal and advance the original vision of its founders. We have added book reviews, historiographies, and interviews with prominent historians to our published content in an effort to appeal to a broader audience and expand readership. Our vision for the future rests on our commitment to contribute original scholarship produced by rising students in the field of history.


Since the journal’s first issue in 2003, the MHR has maintained scholarly integrity and set a high academic standard. We have placed emphasis on acquainting graduate students with the intricacies of the publication process. Each year a new editorial board is formed that sifts through dozens of submissions that range in both topic and scope. It is their concerted effort that this journal has come to rely on. Recently, we began printing hard-copies to supplement the online version.