This exploratory case study, focused on a music teacher preparation program, examined the coursework ePortfolios of pre-service music teachers to determine if any parts of the ePortfolio process predicted teaching effectiveness in the classroom during the student teaching semester. Sixty-five undergraduate pre-service music teachers made up the sample of the study. Data collected for each student consisted of coursework ePortfolios, summative student teaching assessments from both elementary and secondary placements, and selected licensure-related requirements as mandated by the state board of education. Multiple regression analyses revealed significant relationships between ePortfolio performance and student teaching assessments. Specifically, student teacher reflections (as part of the portfolio process) were found to be the lone significant predictor of teaching effectiveness for both elementary and secondary placements as measured by Danielson’s framework. While not significant, it should be noted that the Praxis II: Music Content Test should be examined further as the numbers of cases increased due to the nature of its relationship with the domain of planning and preparation in the secondary area. As this is an exploratory case study, further examination of the predictive ability of the ePortfolio process should be undertaken to better define the impact of the portfolio process within a pre-service teacher program.



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