The purpose of this explanatory sequential mixed methods study was to explore K–12 music educators’ changes in practice one year after completing a three-week professional development experience in world music education. Results from the quantitative phase of research indicated all participants (n = 10) perceived distinct changes in practice after taking this course. Findings from the qualitative phase of research indicated participants (n = 3) understood their changes in practice as a combination of critical reflection and pedagogical confidence. These music educators articulated strong personal rationales for including diverse perspectives in the curriculum and discussed the ways in which having access to concrete pedagogical tools alleviated some of their anxiety about teaching music from unfamiliar cultural settings. These findings have direct implications for individuals and institutions charged with planning and facilitating these types of professional development experiences for practicing music educators. Instead of prioritizing culture–specific knowledge and musical skills, facilitators should introduce participants to practical pedagogical tools that can be applied across a wide variety of music cultures. Additionally, facilitators should provide ample opportunities for participants to engage in critical reflection and discussions about their personal rationales for engaging in world music education.



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