The purpose of this study was to determine what technologies are used in fourth- and fifth-grade instrumental music and to examine factors that influence the attitudes of teachers, students, and their parents toward the use of those technologies. Two researcher-designed questionnaires, the Technology in Music Usage Questionnaire (TMUQ) and the Technology in Music Attitude Questionnaire (TMAQ), were administered to a sample of teachers, students, and parents associated with first-year elementary instrumental music in a large, American Midwest urban school district. Results indicated that while most teachers use technology in class (87.0%), it is generally only used up to a third of the class period (75.0%). Although all participants were found to have positive attitudes toward using technology, results of a one-way ANOVA revealed a significant difference between the attitude scores of teachers and students. Based on the results of the study, teacher selection of technologies should be individualized and voluntary. Professional development is necessary for teachers to become familiar with available resources and best practices for implementation. Future studies are needed to investigate whether the use of technology influences student achievement or motivation for participation in elementary instrumental music.



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