It is truly an honor to see a response to my article from Professor Kenneth H. Phillips, in his “Graduate Music Education” within Research and Issues in Music Education, 6(1). Professor Phillips is an outstanding scholar and educator who has made a unique and important contribution to the fields of music education research and practice. His book on choral music is unusually insightful, and his most recent book on music education research is also a highly recommended resource that I use for my own graduate courses, some of which are online (Phillips, 2003; Phillips, 2008). I encourage readers to give careful thought to the wise insights shared in his article.

While I agree with most of what Phillips wrote, there are two issues that I would like readers to consider as they reflect on our respective positions: (1) Music Education as Both a Professional Field and an Academic Subject, and (2) Online Mentoring of Instructional Skills in Music. I will briefly address these two issues in my response.



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