Education concerning the history of one‟s surroundings is an essential step to becoming an active member of one‟s community. I am originally Middle Eastern and upon entering the University of Virginia realized that a written compilation of this particular minority community‟s history and resources was not accessible. The purpose of this paper is to provide a portrait of the Middle Eastern community at UVa, from the issues facing students, to the numerous ways they continue to engage and serve the greater University. Although the discussion is centered around UVa, as the number of Middle Eastern students in higher education continues to increase, a trend of similar concerns and modes of engagement across universities emerges.

This paper outlines the history of resources available for Middle Eastern and Muslim students at the University of Virginia, and attempts to create a profile of what the community has looked like throughout the years. It then assesses the most common concerns throughout the community and policy recommendations. It concludes with ideas for where further research of this community can continue.



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