Volume 7 (2019)


It is with enthusiasm that I share the seventh volume of the Virginia Engage Journal with readers. The four articles represented in this issue address pressing concerns and challenge the reader to consider our stance on issues ranging from the experience of immigrants and refugees to the role of non-profits in contending with vexing challenges. These works also reflect the dramatic influence of the Service-Learning and civic engagement pedagogy in moving students from observer to action.

This issue would not have been possible without students who took the time to channel their reflections, passions, and research into manuscripts as well as dozens of faculty and staff reviewers across the Commonwealth who took the time and energy to provide thoughtful and deep feedback. Support from the JMU Libraries was also invaluable. A special mention goes to Emily Kohl at Washington and Lee for her invaluable editorial support. Emily provided compassionate, detailed, and considerate support to several authors. This feedback deeply honored the fidelity of the key ideas in the articles, while facilitating author clarity and effectiveness.

The vision, leadership, and mentorship of Sylvia Gale from the University of Richmond has made it possible for me to serve as editor. Sylvia edited the Virginia Engage Journal for over five years and created many aspects of the journal that we now likely take for granted. Sylvia not only “handed off” a well-functioning journal to me, but she also provided humble support, guidance, and insights that I have relied on this year. Thank you Sylvia.

I encourage you to review the articles below. Then if you are a student or recent graduate from a College or University in the Commonwealth of Virginia please consider submitting a manuscript. If you work with these students and recent grads please consider encouraging them to submit a piece for consideration.

Steve Grande, Editor, VA Engage Journal

Critical Reflection on Engagement

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