From 2000 to 2012, e-Vision was a showcase for the excellent essays produced by students in JMU's first-year writing courses. For twelve years, the students on the e-Vision editorial board gave these engaging, provocative, fundamentally useful texts the wider audience they deserve. e-Vision was sponsored by The Writing Program at James Madison University.

In April 2013, James Madison University's School of Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication launched a new journal and a new site in place of e-Vision. Lexia now publishes the excellent work produced in ALL GWRTC and WRTC undergraduate courses.

If you're looking for the deep archives, though, you're in the right place.

Current Volume: Volume 12 (2011) Essays from Spring & Fall 2011


Blood Is Thicker in Oil
Jacqueline Brittain


Censoring Huck Finn
Mackenzie Spicer


"Healthy" Chemicals
Jennifer Fisher


I Know of a Woman
Emily Bennett


Jennifer Wernimont


Too Soon?
Tracy Fey

Volume 12 Editorial Board

Tate Burkholder Camille Corum
Casey Coughlin Erica Holsclaw
Meghan Lavin Genevieve LeFranc
Paul Loman Sam Patteson
Alicia Pettis Chris Petty
Sarah Piper Ryan Waldron
Jennifer Walker Abby Ware

Volume 12 Faculty Advisors

Karen McDonnell Kevin Jefferson

e-Vision is sponsored by the School of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication at James Madison University.