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Administrator Experiences with Physical Education Teachers and Programs

Eric Bowers

An overview of the capabilities of an economically successful sustainability leader.

Marleen Cherop Bett

Analysis of Predictive Factors for Aggression within Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalization

Autumn Wild

"Beyond the Hashtag: A Case Study on the Realities of Youth Activism in Kosovo's Digital Landscape, Including Challenges, Risks and Strategies

Doruntina Maliqi
Doruntina Maliqi, James Madison University

Dietary Nitrates & Exercise Performance: Influence of Training Status

Haley McVannel

E-Mentoring First Semester Nursing Students

Shareese Hardy

Efficacy of Dry Cupping Therapy as Treatment for Non-Specific Lower Back Pain

Lucas Albrecht

Efficacy of the Hepatojugular Reflux Test

Adrienne Irmiter

Focused Assessment with Sonography Exams vs CT Scan​

Anne Kresge

Impact of Creatine Supplementation on Repeated Sprint Performance in Normobaric Hypoxia

Anthony Russomano

Implementation Science Study on Race and Treatment Fidelity in a Residential Reentry Center in Virginia

Nora Sutton, James Madison University
Roneka Samalenge, James Madison University
Mandy Duley, James Madison University

Interpretation of Indirect Requests by Autistic Individuals

Faith Frost

IORT: the future of breast cancer treatment?

Annie Oslund

Is Racial Diversity Important When Applying to JMU Physician Assistant Program?

Gaelyn E Young

Pastures as natural climate solutions: a socioecological study of tree carbon and beef production trade-offs

Bela H. Starinchak, James Madison University
Heather P. Griscom, James Madison University

Probiotic Supplementation and Major Depressive Disorder

Alexa Hammock

Symptom Cluster Analysis in DizzyGuide, an Automated Decision-Support Triage System

Brandy Hollins

The experiences of elementary school students participating in Paralympic School Day

Carolyn Ludwigson
Cathy Mckay, James Madison University
Liz Edwards, James Madison University
Lori Gano-Overway, James Madison University


Marigona Gashi

Timing is Everything: The Importance of Prompt Responses in Texting

Nicklas Phillips

Utility of Bariatric Surgery in the Remission of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Christine Ercoline
Alyssa Bower

Utility of Including Verification Stage When VO2max Testing in Hypoxia

Brittany Roenker