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Educational Specialist (EdS)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Tiffany Hornsby

Tammy Gilligan

Amanda Evans


This present study investigated the relationship between cultural competency and years of school psychology experience. In addition, this study determined how well school psychologists understand cultural humility. This study aimed to bridge the gap between school psychology research and that of other fields, as well as the paradigm shift from having a cultural competency lens to a cultural humble lens. Results of the present study indicated there is a statistically significant relationship between knowledge of appropriate assessments and interventions for racially and ethnically minoritized students and years of experience. Additionally, no statistically significant relationship was found between other sub-domains of cultural competency and years of experience. A thematic analysis revealed several themes related to cultural humility including self-reflection, awareness, and learning. The majority of participants did not mention learning and reflection as being a life-long commitment. Results of this present study also highlighted the need for more professional development regarding the impact of cultural humility and incorporating culturally responsive practices.



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