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Educational Specialist (EdS)


Department of Graduate Psychology


A. Renee Staton

Michele Kielty

Melinda Fox

Amanda Evans


Creativity is present in many aspects of counseling practice. While clinical decisions are often assisted by the ability to think creatively, clinicians may not identify the potential benefit further exploration of creative pursuits within the counseling room could provide. The following paper seeks to explore the benefits of arts in counseling as well as the barriers that keep clinicians and clients from feeling comfortable brings arts into sessions. Arts may assist clients dealing with trauma and grief and can provide support for training clinicians and those in training. Clients and clinicians both may keep themselves from connect with artistic activities due limited experience as well as concerns over their ability to produce art. This paper reviews possible solutions to address these barriers, such as increased education and as well as facilitation of experience. Review of past negative experiences as well as emphasis placed on the process of creation over the production of a piece of art could serve to alleviate possible concerns. This paper additionally reviews the benefit that an experiential workshop for training clinicians as a way to address barriers and increase comfortability with art use. Though limited, cursory data from a workshop offered to training clinicians supports the thought that experiential opportunities may increase comfortability in using arts based activities with clients.



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